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2021 Meet The Candidates – Harrisburg NC

2021 Meet the Candidates – Harrisburg, NC

Below are individual videos of each candidate running for the 2021 Harrisburg NC Mayor and Town Council seats. Each of the candidates were asked the same questions. This will allow the Harrisburg residents to make an informed decision as to who they feel comfortable voting for.

Candidate Rules – Harrisburg Business Network Member Leo Sbardella

Jennifer Teague – Mayoral Candidate

Steve Sciascia – Mayoral Candidate

Maurice Price, Jr. – Town Council

Diamond Staton-Williams – Town Council

Troy Selberg – Town Council

Jeff Phillips – Town Council

Derrick Hodges – Town Council

Justin Hagler – Town Council

Altyn Cotell – Town Council

All Candidates in One Video for Town Council

Both Mayoral Candidates in One Video