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Harrisburg Business Network is an exclusive alliance of local business professionals that believe through networking and relationships can grow their business.  Bi-Monthly we provide a venue to support each member professionally and in the community.


Harrisburg Business Network is a vehicle to help small, medium and large companies located in Harrisburg NC.  The membership in HBN is made up of a diverse pool of professionals, each representing an exclusive industry.

Members of HBN have found that expansion of any business comes from the qualified sales leads received from networking. Underlying that idea is that qualified sales leads come through the relationships that each business owner makes with other business owners. A circle of success is created: Networking > Relationships > Sales Leads > Continued Networking.

Do you have a circle of success or are you simply spinning your marketing and sales wheels on Harrisburg, North Carolina sales prospects that are not qualified to buy your product or services? Harrisburg Business Network brings together top marketing and sales professionals each week to build your business circle of success.

Sales leads, creative ideas, business solutions, selling skills, training, information, friendship and more are passed along in this open forum of community leaders. There is no reason to feel you are one small salesperson alone in the sales field, you can now have support to build your own business circle of success..

Networking has replaced the days of “cold calling” as a marketing tool. Word of mouth sales are the best form of marketing that any company can expect.

Where do you go to build your business circle of success? Harrisburg Business Network, of course.


Harrisburg Business Network offers bi-monthly networking opportunities

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